Most of the training plans for a half marathon need twelve weeks. During this period, you need to optimize your recovery and take care of your nutrition. Simply put, it takes time and effort in training for a half marathon. You must, therefore, not let it go to waste by using inappropriate gear. Here we’ve listed the essential gear that would keep you comfortable right from the start line to the finish:

1. Socks

Wearing socks is necessary while running a half marathon. They act as a barrier between your shoes and your skin. You can get blisters by wearing the wrong pair, which would ruin your race. So, it is essential not to skimp on the socks. Use compression socks made from high-performance yarn that draw sweat away and are soft against your skin. 

Their perfect compression helps in increasing your blood flow, keeping you feeling fresh for several miles. You can also choose sweat-wicking socks without compression to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

2. Shoes

You must choose the right pair of shoes to prevent your feet from cramps and fatigue. Such shoes would also help you in achieving a strong finish. You can get a pair of such shoes from your local store that sells running gear. There are many different categories of these shoes to choose from. 

You can have consistent cushioning and a smooth ride with neutral running shoes. They range from lightweight and snappy shoes to soft and pillowy trainers. With stability running shoes, you can get ample support as you run, thus reducing the effects of overpronation. Stability shoes typically give you a firmer feeling than neutral shoes. They have strategic cushioning to facilitate efficient foot movement. 

Another category is race shoes. They are designed to be as lightweight as possible. A carbon or nylon plate is often incorporated for maximum energy. These shoes are springy and responsive, which you’ll need when you want to be fast.

3. Tops

When it comes to energy gels, breakfast, and clothes, don’t try something new on race day. Another thing to avoid is wearing cotton clothes. You’ll be wet and chafing all the time as cotton absorbs sweat and dries slowly. If you’re a male, wear a comfortable T-shirt. If you’re a woman, wear short sleeves for women. 

Choose the shirts made from technical fibres that dry quickly and wick sweat. This would help you stay comfortable at all times. Another essential gear for women is a solid sports bra. For maximum support and compression, a racerback style would be the best choice.

4. Bottoms

Just like a good T-shirt, you’ll also need a pair of tights or shorts. They must be designed specifically for running. Upon wearing such shorts or tights, you’ll have one less headache to deal with during your race. For men, the lightweight and breezy running shorts would be a great option. 

Women can choose any of the tights that provide ankle-length coverage without restricting movement. It must be made from a stretchy and soft fabric. They can also try shorts that are lightweight and keep them dry while helping them perform their best.


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