You’ll always have those pre-race jitters, whether it is your first race or the fifth. This is, in fact, the best part of running races. We always have some anticipation, excitement, and a bit of fear. All of these things, however, must not stop you from doing your best. 

Such feelings are meant to push you, so it is necessary that you’re not overwhelmed by them. A lot of unnecessary stress can be overcome by preparing yourself the day before your race. Here are a few things you need to do the day before your half marathon:

1. Plan your travel

You may be heading for a destination race or running in your own hometown. Whatever the nature of your race, you must plan out how to reach the starting line. Lane closures or delays in traffic can cause you unnecessary stress. So, you must know where are you required to park your vehicle and the distance from the starting line. 

You must also know how to get back if your race has different starting and ending points. If there are shuttles arranged for you, their running times and pick-up locations must be researched. Planning out all these things in advance would help you in arriving at your destination unrushed.

2. Pack your gear

By laying out your gear and food the night before, you can avoid the last-minute rush and forgetfulness. This will prevent you from forgetting things on the day of the race. It would also help you avoid getting delayed. Pack all your running gear in the same place if you’re travelling. This will make it easier for you to locate your gear on the day of the race.

3. Get to know the course

If you want to prepare yourself for success, knowing the course ahead of your race is essential. This helps you in understanding your speed, preparing for the hills, and even planning bathroom breaks. You won’t get any last-minute surprises, such as the presence of a difficult stretch halfway through the race. 

You’ll know about the difficult stretch in advance owing to your study of the course. This will give you complete peace of mind on race day.

4. Watch what you’re eating

The prospect of treating yourself with a bread buffet or pasta the day before your race might get you excited. You must definitely load your body with the fuel that is needed for all the effort ahead. Still, it is important to stay healthy and you must not overdo it. 

It would be wise to choose foods that can be digested easily by your body. Eat high-quality carbohydrates so that your body will have energy that’s readily accessible during the race.

5. Be mindful of what you’re drinking

It is necessary to stay hydrated, but this must not be in high quantities. You’ll have to face much more serious consequences if you’re over-hydrated. On the day before your race, make sure that you are avoiding excess alcohol and caffeine. You must also make sure that you’re drinking only when you are thirsty.

6. Get your body ready

The training plan you’re following might recommend that the day before the race must be very easy. You should stick to this concept when it comes to other physical activities. For example, you’d certainly want your legs to be fresh for the race the next day. 

So, in order to get this result, you must not run longer distances the day before. You must also avoid long walks or strenuous bike rides. Getting enough sleep the night before your race is also important for getting your body ready.


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