Camping is one of the relatively inexpensive, fun, and healthy ways to enjoy the best of nature. It also allows you to move away from your monotonous routines. You get to eat and sleep under the stars and be completely free of any stress. There are many things that you should know if you’re new to camping. 

You might also be having some doubts before leaving for your camping trip. They would mostly be about the kind of tent that would be needed, an ideal campsite, and bathroom facilities. Here are certain things that you must do before embarking on your camping trip:

1. Decide where you want to go

Before deciding where to go camping, you must know what kind of camping you want to do. You can choose backpacking as you can carry everything on your back and hike to a remote place. Another option is car camping, which allows you to load up your car and drive to a paid campsite. Then there are pop-up and RV camping, which gives you freedom from tents. 

Among all these options, backpacking is the most minimalist and adventurous. You can only take the items that you can carry when backpacking. So, you’ll definitely need a sound knowledge of outdoor safety, a good backpack, and some lightweight gear. Besides, you need to be prepared for the fact that there’ll be no amenities while camping.

2. Reserve your campsite

If you’ve decided that you’ll be camping on a developed campground, things won’t be that easy. You may think that there’ll be space for you to roll in on such campgrounds. This is a misconception that most individuals have. Camping has become quite fashionable today and developed campgrounds are extremely popular, especially during summers. 

Campsites located in national parks can be reserved as early as a year in advance. Thus, there’s a lot of competition for space. For this reason, you’ll have to reserve your campsite ahead of time to avoid any disappointments. If this is not done, you might spend your evening driving around, looking for a place to sleep.

3. Research your destination

You must do some research on your own about the campsite of your choice. It would also be a good idea to know more about the area where the campsite is located. The research would involve mundane details, such as what are the amenities available and whether bear lockers are provided. 

You can also research the activities that can be enjoyed nearby. This would help you to ensure that you’ve packed all the items needed for the trip. Everything must be done before leaving for the trip, as the internet connectivity at the campsite may be unreliable.

4. Plan your meals

One of the most important aspects of a camping trip is meal planning. If you’re on a backpacking trip, you’ll need to rely on ready-to-eat foods. A lightweight camping stove may also be required. The best camping stoves allow you to prepare a hot meal and coffee. If you still want to pack light, go for the dried meals, boxed noodles, and packed tuna.

In the case of car or RV camping, you can enjoy a much more varied menu. The availability of space would allow you to bring a big double-burner camping stove. You can bring a barbecue grill or pack frying pans to cook your meals.


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